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About | Wekendo | Arredo per l'ufficio a Brescia
Wekendo | Arredo per l'ufficio a Brescia

About us

Wekendo Global Design Emotion has been operating in Brescia, northern Italy, since 2007 and specializes in the supply and design of office furniture. The references developed in the territory, among the most fervent and productive in the world, have created the condition for national and international realizations, offering furnishing services, lighting systems and acoustic comfort for the workplace.
Our deep knowledge of the industry and awareness of the constant transformation of the "workspace" concept have made our company a benchmark for office design and furniture. We design and create workspaces where aesthetics and functionality combine and design and technology interact, thus helping to put people's well-being and business productivity at the core.


Wekendo is a company that works for businesses, the ideal partner for turnkey corporate offices and one of the most reliable and comprehensive contracts for furnishing work spaces. We take care of furniture design, outfitting and installation, studying custom solutions for any type of working environment, whether it is an executive office, meeting room, operational offices or break zone. Original, innovative, and functional solutions, along with the global competitiveness of the workspace solutions, have been the factors that determined Wekendo’s appreciation from companies, professional firms, banks, and insurance companies.

Our company makes dynamism one of its main philosophies: rapidity, resourcefulness and multiformity thus become a "metempsychosis" transposed to the world of office furniture. Partnerships with leading companies allow us to achieve the best results in terms of optimizing potential.

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Wekendo | Arredo uffici a Brescia

Our Philosophy

The workplace consists of several parts that are inseparable from each other: partitions and partition walls, seating and workstations. The fusion must elicit through elegant and rigorous design, different declinations of comfort, from aesthetic well-being to eco-sustainable well-being.


The walls

The wide range of wall models, different finishes, laminates or wood essences, allow to meet aesthetic, functional and design requirements ensuring the free partitioning of contemporary architectural spaces.


The desk chair is a fundamental tool for office workers and has an important impact on productivity, health and well-being, as in the workstation there must be natural interactions between the components that determine ergonomics in its most extensive form.

The workstation

The workstation represents the corporate identity, where ideally the concepts of health, biomechanics, ergonomics and sustainability must interact; compliance with these rules can only lead to the achievement of high standards in different work contexts.


01 Wekendo is

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Office design Office design Wekendo is the best partner in office furnishing. We propose functional and design ideas and solutions focusing on the well-being of all people working in the company. Ask for a consultation, we will help you design your turnkey working space by organising the areas in an optimal way and transforming the workplace into a stimulating environment that respects everyone's needs.
Office furniture Office furniture Ergonomic and functional furniture, cozy and well-organized environments, visual lightness and space sharing are just some of the key points of furnishing an office. Choosing Wekendo to furnish offices means opting for an industry-leading brand with years of experience in furnishing work spaces.
Lighting Design Lighting Design Wekendo offers innovative, customized lighting solutions in collaboration with industry specialists. Light is emotion and elegance but poses a challenge. Don't let poor lighting negatively affect your employees' productivity and well-being. Rely on our lighting experts to create a safe and functional work environment.
Acoustic comfort Acoustic comfort The quality of the acoustic is critical to ensuring a comfortable environment in spaces where multiple people interact, work or study. Sound absorbing panels are an effective solution to improve acoustics and reduce noise and echo in an environment. Wekendo offers consulting and design services to achieve maximum acoustic comfort in workspaces and busy public places such as universities, libraries, and restaurants.
Surface coverings Surface coverings Wekendo is the official contractor for major brands specializing in office flooring and wall coverings. Choosing the right flooring is far from simple, our team will assist you in choosing the most suitable flooring for your workstation that also meets the needs of the environment and takes into account resistance to wear and tear.

Sustainable furnishing solutions

Wekendo shares the idea of elegance, functionality and well-being in the working environment with the most prestigious and representative brands in the sector and with them places great importance on sustainability. Attention to the environment and eco-sustainability are two essential aspects in office furnishing today, and furnishing with ecological solutions, as well as being a responsible choice, is also a powerful means of corporate communication. Moreover, a sustainable workspace not only helps in terms of environmental protection, but also contributes to a significant reduction in energy costs.

Our mission aims to create added value to corporate workspaces, taking into account all customer needs and environmental sustainability, offering smart and zero-impact seating, partitions, furniture and lighting solutions.

Wekendo's product range includes workspace furnishing solutions that represent the essence of what the market demands in terms of office furniture and decor. The catalog is enriched by a wide range of design brands that take into account the main requirements: health, well-being and functionality. Wellness and productivity in the workplace is a process that encompasses all the furniture elements that make up the work environment.

Partitions and equipped walls allow for flexible space design, as they can adapt to the ever-changing needs of versatile and dynamic offices and workspaces. In addition, some solutions in the catalog of glass partition walls, allow to integrate design with environmental sustainability and energy saving, thus being able to give up artificial lighting.

About | Wekendo | Arredo per l'ufficio a Brescia

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If you want to create a stimulating and welcoming work environment, rely on Wekendo's expertise! Contact us for more information on office furniture, ergonomic seating, soundproof panels and all the furnishings you need to create operational and executive offices.

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